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    The Earth Runner Philosophy
    We believe that when we allow our feet to function closest to how they’re naturally designed we become more connected and in tune with our own bodies, as well as with our community. By restoring a more natural way of traversing the landscape we can often regain a fundamental source of health and wellbeing that is very transformative. We’re passionate about promoting a more grounded way of living that’s possible when we’re connected to the electrical energy of the Earth.

    We are interested in footwear that offer an experience that closely resembles moving barefoot. Our earthing sandals offer the primal experience of living grounded to the earth, as all life has evolved on this planet throughout time. Primitive cultures live their lives in constant connection with earth by going barefoot or wearing leather soled moccasins or sandals. Earth Runners feature an ancient huarache design that has proven itself for centuries and we feel privileged to help preserve this age-old practice and encourage others to do the same.

    Earth Runners combine ancient design with modern manufacturing to create the ultimate sandal experience. We have researched the evolution of footwear over the past few thousand years and come up with a conductive design that maximizes proprioception while offering a wide toe area that allows the toes to splay out naturally. The development of our footwear is a constant process that will continue to evolve through the insights we gather from both our ancestors and our clients. Through small-scale, sustainable production, we give a growing audience a chance to try what we consider our best attempt at ideal footwear in hopes of making a difference one foot at a time.

    We believe that building community, encouraging health, wellness, freedom, and rewilding is the most important thing we can do here at Earth Runners.

    Our affiliate network is designed for our happy customers and true believers in our product - accordingly, no commissions originating from coupon sites, paid ads, discount sites, and other non first-hand sources are allowed.  We reserve the right to review and deny any commission for violation of the terms and spirit of the above at our sole discretion. 

    Commission Fees

    Earth Runners affiliates earn a standard commission rate of 10% for all sales. We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to returns, order cancellations and erroneous order duplications. We also reserve the right to defer or refuse commissions for disputed orders or orders we reject and cannot fulfill.

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    All Affiliates are prohibited from registering domains that contain the Earth Runners brand name and or typos of the Earth Runners brand.

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    All link cloaking done through an unauthorized methods or for the purpose of evading Earth Runners is Prohibited

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    All Earth Runners affiliates are required to follow the editorial guidelines of each search engine. For example, the landing page must match the display URL, and no redirects or jump pages that immediately redirect to your website.

    Evasion is Prohibited.

    All Earth Runners affiliates are prohibited from using evasion tactics to hide the affiliate link when the visits are from either you or from search engine editorial bots checking on paid ads.

    Violation of laws, rules and regulations.

    All Earth Runners affiliates performing email marketing, are required to comply with the “can spam” act. All Earth Runners affiliates who operate editorial publications must also comply with new rules from the FTC when they are endorsing or recommending Earth Runners products which require disclosure that the website is a compensated affiliate.

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    • Use of Earth Runners brand in ad copy text or in the display URL if you are prohibiting brand use False advertising or any claim that shows you or your competitors in a false or misleading light

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    • Using certain words such as “official” or “free”

    • Copying Earth Runners landing pages. Affiliates must have their own unique landing pages.

    Press releases.

    All Earth Runners affiliates are prohibited from using the Earth Runners brand for press releases.

    Fraudulent commissions.
    All Earth Runners affiliates are prohibited from fraudulent activities like cookie stuffing, link interception and falsifying orders.